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Oct50 Aluminium Professional Range
Oct50 aluminium professional range is the perfect solution for the professional exhibitor that is looking for the most advanced frame on the market. The four groove channel provides a new streamlined method to attach slide-in keder walls, half wall bars, aluminum partitions and other professional exhibitor accessories. It is very suitable for users who have unique needs for space partition, or for the individual needs of other business activities. Meanwhile, our premium custom printed canopies offer a fantastic, cost-effective platform for you to market your brand and products.
10 Years Frame Warranty
Pull Ring Lifting System
Aluminum Connectors
Full Color Custom Printing

                    Frame Details                

 6063-T5 Special 4-Groove Aluminum
Outer Leg: Octagonal 50mm, 1.3mm Thickness

        Available In Three Fabrics        

Corresponding to this series, we provide three types of fabrics, you can choose according to your budget and purpose of use
420D PVC Coated Polyester
  PVC Coating                  303GSM                   0.028mm                    Waterproof 
  Fire Retardant               UV Protection
420D PU Coated Polyester
  PU Coating                  202GSM                   0.022mm                    Waterproof    
  Fire Retardant             UV Protection

                       Side Walls                    

The four groove channel leg provides a new streamlined method to attach slide-in keder walls, half wall bars and other professional exhibitor accessories.


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    Steel Weight Plates

    Steel Weight plates for weighing down canopies on non-pinnable surfaces. Made from heavy duty steel with silver coating.


    Material: Powder-Coated Steel   Weight Available: 13.5kgs   Color Available: Silver




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    Sandbags designed to suit our Folding Canopy range. Easy to use bags that wrap around the leg of any pop up canopy in our range.


    Material: PVC  Weight Available: 13.6kgs  Color Available: Black




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    Steel Stakes

    These versatile steel pins suitable for folding tent stability. Perfect for hard ground, grass, dirt surfaces.


    Material: Steel  Size Available: Φ7x300mm  




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    Tie Down Straps

    Tie down straps (Heavy Duty) give you peace of mind knowing your instant canopy is firmly secured to the ground.


    Color Available: Grey




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    Plastic Water Weight

    Water weights are designed to suit our folding tent range. Easy to use unit that wrap around the leg of any pop up canopy in our range.


    Material: Plastic  Weight Available: 10kgs  Color Available: Grey





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    Leg Clamp

    The leg clamp is used for the fixed connection of the leg pipes of two independent tents.


    Material: Plastic  Range Available: Hex40 Steel / Hex40 Aluminium /  Hex50 Aluminium Color Available: Black




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    Clip Wheels

    1. These detachable wheels are a great accessory to our folding tent range that makes transportation, setting up and packing down a canopy even easier.

    2. These wheels are compatible with our entire folding tent range and can easily detach and be removed when they are not required.






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    Rain Gutter

    Rain gutters easily Velcro to the roof of our folding tents, letting you retain the foot space between your two canopies by keeping them dry.


    Material: Heavy Duty PVC  Size Available: 3m / 4m / 4.5m / 6m / 8m  Color Available: White




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    Half Wall Bar System

    Easy to use all-in-one connectors. Contains horizontal bars


    Material: Aluminium  Range Available: Hex40 Steel / Hex40 Aluminium / Hex50 Aluminium  Size Available: 3m / 4m / 4.5m / 6m  Color Available: Silver




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    Wall (Joining) Strip

    All strip zips between two existing walls for added length, this is perfect for those with two tents side by side.


    Material: 420D PVC Coated Polyester  Size Available: 3m / 4m / 4.5m / 6m / 8m  Color Optional




                   Custom Printing                 

Digital full color custom printing, High-quality printing with original ink, Unlimited colors, Fading resistance

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