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Kapri Outdoor Umbrellas
Kapri octagon crank umbrella is an outdoor umbrella that automatically adjusts its tilt angel. The top of the umbrella can be tilted to the side by rotating the crank that runs smoothly, and the position of the sun can be easil adapted. Equipped with UV 50+ sun shield, combined with automatic crank function, Kapri crank umbrella can always provide the best shade and fashionable UV protection. Crank operation is simple and convenient: open the umbrella through the crank, by continuing to turn the crank the umbrella top will automatically tilt, thus always ensure the best shadow positon, to provide you with the best sun protection at any time in the day. Kapri crank umbrella height adjustable, tilt angle adjustable, the center rod and ribs are made of marine grade anodized aluminum oxide, strong and durable enough. The cover umbrella fabric also has strong fastness and high UV protection, is your best choice for sun protection.
3 Year Frame Warranty
UV Resistant / UPF 50+
Waterproof Treatment
50-70km/h Wind Rating

                    Fabric Features                 

luxurious & superior the finest possible European made solution dyed acrylic.

                 Structure Features             

Marine-Grade Anodized Aluminum Material
Centre pole & ribs feature surface weather resistance,corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet, Essential for outdoor environment.
  Placeholder ImageHigh-Quality Nylon Hub
Durable,Bearing strength and beautiful

 High-Strength Aluminum RibsPlaceholder Image
 High-quality moulded nylon arm Joints
 Self-Tensioning TipsPlaceholder Image
The top of the ribs adopts retractable parts and stainless steel fixings.
Height Adjustable
Easily adjust the height of the umbrella about 40-50cm
Crank Lift System
Extremely smooth crank, Easy to use for everyone
Automatically Tilt
Turning the crank further can realize automatic tilting

                   Custom Printing                

900D Heavy-Duty Polyesrter + UV Printing Technology
We adopt advanced UV custom printing technology and provide full printing services available.

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